Bell Bank Park

An Amazing New Sports Venue

West Coast Premier Tournaments is proud to be partnering with the brand new 320-acre, $250 million Bell Bank Park, created by Legacy Sports USA in Mesa, Arizona – opening in January of 2022.

WCP will operate approximately 9 tournaments each year at Bell Bank Park, starting with the Spring Training Tournament in March of 2022.

The facility will feature 16 world class baseball/softball fields, 35 soccer fields including a stadium, 19 basketball courts, 67 indoor volleyball courts, 41 pickleball courts, as well as a clubhouse and state-of-the-art venues for performance, fitness, gymnastics, dance, cheer, e-sports, and beach volleyball.  All told, it is the largest sports and entertainment facility in North America. It is owned by Legacy Cares, a 501(c)(3) Arizona-based entity.

“This project will transform the youth sports & family entertainment industry across the United States,” said Chad Miller, CEO and President of Legacy Sports USA. “Legacy Park [now called Bell Bank Park] is not just a sports complex, but a true family entertainment center with dining options, athletic apparel shops, as well as venues for concerts and various artistic events. A facility such as this is long overdue in the Arizona Market. Legacy Park will provide a variety of playing fields and indoor team sports facilities designed with the latest in athletic technologies. It will offer an opportunity for athletes of all ages and levels of proficiency to develop their skills in a multitude of sports. The amateur athlete will be training and competing on the same facilities used by the professionals.”